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Tub/Shower Resurfacing

Our Stone Grip Bath Tub solution for Porcelain, and our Bathtub coating for Fiberglass and acrylic Bath Tubs will raise the COF up to 0.89 on the friction scale


We offer to our customer a wide range of products that are tested and proven safe for the home environment. From kitchen to bathroom, poolside to laundry, slippery surfaces are one of the main causes of injury in the home. If you have an elderly family member, they can be even more susceptible to slips and falls. Our solutions will raise the COF (coefficient of friction) of almost every surface to a level that will be most safe for your loved ones. Let us make your home a safe place to be.


We not only provide slip resistant treatments for business type settings, we also offer floor coatings for industrial areas. Keeping your employees safe while they are working on a cement floor, loading dock, or steps is our business. We can provide COF (coefficient of friction) testing for your business. If you are wondering if those employee reports are true, let us test your floor COF with our ASM 825A Slipmeter.

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